November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a Turkey Day Tip

Looking for a particular 3rd party product to augment Dynamics GP, CRM, or any other Dynamics product?  ISV Central provides a great searchable compilation of products for your reference and research.  Visit ISV Central by clicking on their logo below.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

November 23, 2011

Add Logical Argument Field to SmartList via SmartList Builder

I'm no SQL guru but I needed to add a column in SLB that evaluates the results in another column in the SmartList (basically an IF, THEN, ELSE statement) and ran across this great tip on Devon Southall's Dynamics GP Builders & Reporting blog.

Thought I'd share it with you . . .

Thanks Devon!

It's Year End Already???!!!

Hard to believe but it's time to start thinking about closing the year again.  In that spirit, you may find some of my previous Year End Close articles helpful.  Click on the calendar image to jump to the articles.
Good luck!

November 21, 2011

MSDynamicsWorld Decisions Fall 2011 Coming up in 14 Days!

Don't forget to register for Decisions Fall 2011 to gain new insights into Dynamics GP.  Remember, this is one conference that is FREE!  Click on the logo below to register and attend this conference from the comfort of your own desk.

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I'll be participating in the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Roundtable with fellow MVPs Mariano Gomez, Mark Polino, and Jivtesh Singh.  Join us for a fun and exciting discussion about all the things you always wanted to know about GP but were afraid to ask.

November 16, 2011

GP10 SP2 User Login Hangs at Homepage Rendering

Had a client run into this situation.  Upon logging in to a brand new client install of GP 10, her login would hang during rendering of the Homepage.  I tried turning off all the Homepage elements, thinking it was probably Metrics or Outlook making it hang.  That didn't help.  I even disabled Reminders from the System Preferences menu.  That didn't resolve the issue either.  And to make the mystery even more mysterious, this issue only happened in one company.  She could login to a different company with no issue.  Hmmmmm . . .

So, on to Google we went.  What I found led me to look at the records in SY01404 (Custom Reminders Setup in DYNAMICS db) and lo and behold - there was a corrupt record in that table for the company the user was having trouble logging into.  I cleared that record from the table, and voila . . . login issue corrected.

Living and learning!!

November 13, 2011

Things Learned at GPUG Summit 2011

We had a great time at Summit 2011 in Las Vegas last week.  In addition to the awesome learning experience at Summit, my much better half Sheila and I took some time to drive out to the Grand Canyon, tour Hoover Dam, walk up and down the Vegas Strip a couple of times and even visit the Pawn Stars Shop!

I taught a couple of classes and provided a couple more presentations.  One of the reasons I like doing these things is because I always learn something new about GP that I've never seen before.  This particular tidbit of knowledge is courtesy of Kristen Tennant of WEL Companies in Wisconsin who attended my Beyond the Basics - Financials class.

I've known for quite some time how useful the Navigation Lists that became available in GP 10 are.  What I didn't realize is that these lists can be customized in very much the same manner as you create SmartList Favorites.  Here's how you do it:

1. Open the Navigation List you want to customize
2. Click on the list name and select 'Save As'
3. In the Save As box, give the list a new name like 'My Account Transactions'
4. Click OK

*click image to enlarge

Now you have a new Navigation List called My Account Transactions that you can customize.

*click image to enlarge

When you click on Customize, the List View Customization window opens where you can add or remove Columns, modify the Action Pane associated with your list, modify list Sharing settings and more.

* click image to enlarge

For example, click on the blue arrow next to Columns to open the Columns Details window:

* click image to enlarge

And if none of these options suit your list needs, you can always use Navigation List Builder to create a custom list from scratch.  Navigation List Builder works very similarly to SmartList Builder and is available as an option under the SmartList Builder menu.

Thank you so much Kristen for this very useful tip!!