June 20, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Features and Enhancements

Wondering what's coming up in GP 2013?  Here's a partial list of feature enhancements we have to look forward to when GP 2013 is released later this year.  A couple of my long-wished-for items appear on the list, such as PO Receipt Tolerance and the ability to record a prepayment on a Purchase Order.
  • Excel Export Using Open XML
  • Enable printing of SSRS report from forms
  • Navigation Lists for Web Client (BA Functionality)
  • Re-architect home pages to WPF
  • New SSRS reports to support Web Client templated forms
  • Business Analyzer WPF upgrade
  • Additional Word Templates for SOP
  • Single Email with multiple attachments
  • SRS Reports
  • Print Customer Items option
  • Select invoice on one-off Email window
  • Notes on Credit Documents
  • Document Attach
  • Item Standard Cost adjustment post to GL
  • Multi-S/N select
  • Inactivate a Site and Item Site
  • Reason Codes for stock movements/adjustments
  • Inactive Items - Inventory Status enhancements
  • Bin Transfer History
  • Tolerance Handling
  • Track Serial Numbers for Drop Ship items
  • Allow prepayments on a PO
  • Prevent PO close prior to Invoice Match
  • Print Button on Pick List Shortage Inquiry
  • Ship to Address has different Company Name
  • Relate / Link Items for suggestions on Sales
  • Integrate AA with Copier Series SOP/POP and GL Copy
  • Add Field Service Allocations to Item Allocation Inquiry Window
  • Update Back Order Quantity in Item Maintenance
  • RMA Entry - Update Contact & Address ID
  • Consolidate Revenue Recognition
  • Item Description from RMA Credit
  • Multi-User check in RMA Entry
  • Equipment Super Session
  • Hotline Update
  • RMA Return Quantity and Type
  • Ship to Address Integration to SOP
  • Cross Ship RMA consolidation
  • Honor Discontinued Item Status
  • Auto Populate Customer ID
  • Add a Contract Number search in Revenue recognition window
  • Allow contract line to be moved to another contract even if on an open service call
  • Option to have an equipment card created when manufacturing receives a serialized item into inventory
  • Contract Workflow
  • Add BAI2 format support to eReconcile
  • FA Calendar Setup
  • FA Intercompany Asset Transfer
  • FA Historical Depreciation Report
  • Lock Current FA Year and Mass Backout
  • FA to GL posting process updates
  • FA Updates for MACRS
  • Integrate Fixed Assets with AA
  • GL Journal Entry Inquiry for History
  • Reconcile Bank Reconciliation with GL
  • Year End Close Options
  • Subledger Reconcile IV to GL
  • Calculate Average Exchange Rate for Currency Translation
  • Integrate GL with encumbrance
  • Enable Enc to assign Multiple GL Budgets for Fiscal Year
  • Encumbrance Cost Diff Notification
  • Restrict Void of reconciled check, display reconcile status in Check Inquiry
  • Void of check returns applied Credits
  • Void credit card payment vendor invoice - void to original vendor
  • EFT add settlement date option
  • EFT Field Length and Delimitation Options
  • Edit Payables Transactions: Remit to Address, 1099 information, Edit Description
  • PM Reprint Checks/Remittance forms
  • Need a 1096 Form
  • Allow renaming of user-defined fields on Customer Address
  • Multicurrency apply in cash entry
  • Database multi-tenancy (named system database)
  • Application multi-tenancy
  • Report deployment and retrieval for multi-tenant
  • Multi-tenant Applications - tenant service
  • Multi-tenant Integration Manager
  • Multi-tenant web service
  • Life Insurance enhancements
  • Check Build Exception Report
  • Stop Duplicate Checks
  • Paycode History Edit
  • Paycode, Deduction, Benefit Modifier
  • FICA TSA Deductions
  • Customer Fields
  • Advanced Warning Notice and Delete History Records
  • Mandatory Arrears Template and Reminders
  • DIA Reporting
  • Voucher Description and Voucher Document Number
  • Voucher Consolidation
  • HR Calendar
  • Negative Carryover
  • PTO Detail and History
  • PTO Manual Checks
  • Year End PTO
  • Office Presence in Advanced HR, Advanced Payroll, Payroll Extensions & PTO Manager
  • HR Requisition List View
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Additional String Resources (Dex)
  • Key Relations tracked in index file for source control(Dex)
  • Update VBA Components
  • Enhance the AltMod windows with a mark all/unmark all functionality
  • 64 Bit Support for Email (Dex)
  • Default sort for Customer and Vendor lookups
  • Email Indicators in Transaction lists
  • Save batch approval information
  • Select Printer at time of print AND Support for http:// on the Report Destination window
  • Adding support for the Business Analyzer to NLB
  • Grouped Reports
  • SmartList Builder - remove dependency on having an Admin login after new install
  • Extender Window export/import to include Smartlist integrations
  • Add Extender & SmartList Builder Default Security


Cesar said...

Hello Frank.
This is a very interesting list of titles for GP2013 enhancements.
Since we have people traveling to Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift in September,is there any place to read deeper about each feature?
Thanks in advance and my best regards.
Cesar Denegri

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