September 10, 2014

Project Accounting + Multi-currency + Inventory Items = No Worky

Just confirmed via Microsoft support today that if you're using Multi-currency in your Project Accounting projects, you cannot add the Inventory Item Cost Category to the project if the project currency is different from the company Functional Currency.  This is due lack of multi-currency capability in the inventory module.

August 23, 2014

Issue with Integration Manager and new Window Ribbon Layout in GP 2013 R2

One of the new features in GP 2013 R2 is the Microsoft ribbon command layout that we are familiar with in Microsoft Office products.  It's kinda cool that this familiar interface is now part of Dynamics GP, even though it takes up more real estate in the window and takes some time to get used to as opposed to the previous icon shapes and positioning.


However, the Ribbon button layout wreaks havoc with Integration Manager (IM).  Because IM is at heart a collection of 'macros on steroids', essentially mimicking a user with really fast typing skills, the new button layout doesn't seem to conform completely with the IM Destination Adapters.  The temporary resolution is to change the setting for the window layout in a new area in User Preferences called the 'Window Command Bar'.  The default setting is 'Action Pane'.  You need to set it to 'Menu Bar' to make IM play nicely with GP.


After changing the setting, log out and back in to GP for the setting change to take affect.  

The errors I was seeing would not have led one to believe this could be the issue.  I was getting two errors, regardless of which integration I tried - 'RPC Server Error' and 'Too many Forms Open'.  However, these errors didn't occur until approximately 1,000 records had been successfully imported, then the integration would fail at the same point every time.  I initially suspected a data error or network time-out of some sort.  After MANY hours of troubleshooting, I finally opened a support case with Microsoft and my friend Chris Bulson at Microsoft had the resolution to me within minutes.

This is a known bug that Microsoft is working on the fix for.  Hopefully this article prevents someone else needless hours wasted and head-scratching.

July 15, 2014

Is it a Shipment or is it a Receipt?

After years of explaining to GP users that 'Shipment' actually means 'Receipt' in Purchase Order Processing, I've grown tired of having to do so.  Call me lazy but IMHO, the terminology should be consistent throughout the POP windows.  See example below:

So is it a Shipment or a Receipt?  My vote goes for 'Receipt'.  If you'd like to register your vote, please do so here on Microsoft Connect - Vote for Receipt.


June 9, 2014

Dude, where's my 'Go To' button?

Okay, so I'm playing around with GP 2013 R2, getting familiar with some of the cool new features in it.  I like to be on the leading edge of things.  I leave the bleeding-edge stuff to Polino.

I created a new SmartList in SmartList Builder and wanted to add a 'Go To' to my new SmartList but could not find the Go To button anywhere.  I looked high and low to see if it had been hidden under one of the other button menus.  I checked the SmartList Builder Help file and it said the button should be there in the ribbon with all the other buttons.  But yet, no Go To button.

So, after querying my smarter-than-me colleagues at IBIS, Inc, Ms. Kelsey Andrich pointed me in the right direction.  There's a new option in the User Preferences window called 'Window Command Display'.  Sounds very commanding.  The default setting is 'Action Pane' which gives you the big pretty buttons on the ribbon.  Problem is, only the 3rd option in the drop down list - Menu Bar - allows the Go To button in SmartList Builder to display.  Not such a big deal, but kind of obscure and confusing.

 I changed my Window Command Bar setting to Menu Bar and voila!

Thanks, Kelsey, for this eye-opening tip!

Caveat:  this is a global setting and will affect the ribbon appearance of every GP window.

May 27, 2014

Rearrange your Area Pages

GP 2013 introduced additional ways to customize how your area pages are arranged.  I wasn't real fond of the arrangement in my test system, so I arranged them as in the following screenshot:

With this arrangement, I can easily see all the menu categories.  To make a specific category appear in the expanded mode, click on the little square icon in the upper right corner of each window.  Additionally, I went through each module and arranged the menu categories so they all fall in the same sequence.

The key to creating this type of arrangement is selecting the desired 'Column Stack' selection in the Customize Home Page window (Home Page>>Customize this page . . . ).  Selecting 'Bottom' places the minimized windows at the bottom, 'Top' would place them at the top, etc.

This should make navigating the menus even simpler than before.

May 16, 2014

GP2TheMAX Kindle Book now available on Amazon!

Six years ago, when I started blogging on GP2TheMAX, I intended one day to compile my favorite posts into book form and publish it.  Well, that day has come.  Thanks to the miracle of the interweb, electronic publishing, and Amazon, it is done.  I've gathered 125+ of what I think are the most helpful blog articles into GP2TheMAX - I Get GP Stuff Done.
Click here to get your copy!
The articles in the book are organized by module - General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Inventory, etc., with hyperlinks to each article from the Table of Contents to make it easy to navigate to your topic of interest.  Of course, I removed the articles from this blog that are contained in the book, else no one may have bought the cow when they could get the milk for free!
I want to thank a couple of people for helping me make this possible - Mariano Gomez, MVP, for pushing me to start blogging way back when, and Murray Fife, MVP and fellow IBIS colleague, for showing me the Amazon Kindle publishing ropes.
And of course, I have to thank each and every GP MVP out there, for without their help and guidance with numerous GP issues I've encountered, I would not have been able to stumble upon the solutions on my own.
My next endeavor is going to be to really dig into GP 2015 and blog about all the incredible features to come when it is released later this year.  Exciting times coming! 

May 15, 2014

Error message - 'You are not allowed to enter Purchase Orders'

New users were just setup in an GP 2010 environment that uses Project Accounting.  When the users were setup, they were set as 'Non-PA Users' in the User Class ID field.

Changing this to 'PA User' resolved the error.  Users must be assigned the PA User Class ID (or NO User Class ID) to access any windows that PA fields reside on.

April 1, 2014

Need to upgrade your Excel skills? Not sure where to start?

How about starting with a free seminar co-hosted by Mark Polino, and Belinda Allen, GP MVPs and Jared Hall of Microsoft?
Click on the image above to register for the event.

March 26, 2014

Cal-Tex Goes Live on GP 2013

Not to toot my own horn - well, maybe a little - but guess who the lead consultant was on this 'on time, on budget' project? Couldn't have done it though, without my extremely knowledgeable and trusty IBIS colleague, Kalyn Kelly and the Cal-Tex team.  Thanks all!
** Click on the image to read the article **

January 31, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting - Second Edition

I had the pleasure of reviewing David & Chris's first edition of this book a couple years ago and now the even greater pleasure of reviewing the second edition.  I have to say that the knowledge David and Chris possess, not just about GP Reporting, but the Dynamics GP product and ERP systems in general, is just mind-boggling.  That base of knowledge they possess shines through in this update to their first edition.
Having worked directly with both these gentlemen, I can honestly say that there are very few people in the world who have such comprehensive knowledge about GP and the ability to share that knowledge via the written word.
This Second Edition incorporates all the knowledge shared in the first edition but is further updated to include all the reporting enhancements rolled out with GP 2013 and SQL 2012, which are considerable.
The book not only covers all the reporting options available in GP 2013 and previous GP versions but also provides a framework for developing a cohesive reporting strategy for your organization.
From SmartList to Report Writer, from Excel Report Builder to Management Reporter, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting, Second Edition provides an overview of all of the report types, plus technical instruction on how to use and get the most of each of the report development tools. 

Whether you're a GP report developer or a GP user who's curious about the myriad reporting options now provided in the application, this book needs to be in your library.  I highly recommend it. 
Pick up your copy from Packt or one of these other book retailers:

January 16, 2014

Review of Victoria Yudin's 'Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation'

Having just reviewed Victoria Yudin's new book this week I can say 'wow - what a treasure trove of information'.  You can tell from the very beginning that the book was written by someone who knows implementing GP cold.  A person could literally sit down with SQL Server and GP install media in one hand, this book in the other and install GP in an afternoon with the confidence that it has been installed properly.  But much, much further than that, the book lays out step-by-step instructions on putting together a GP implementation team, project plan, infrastructure, SQL Server and GP configuration, data migration, user training etc., etc.  Every base is covered, along with tips, tricks and traps.

If you're even considering implementing or re-implementing any version of Dynamics GP, this publication is a must have.  You can get it at Packt or any one of the booksellers below in print, ebook, or both.
Another great addition to your GP toolkit.  Way to go Victoria!