October 31, 2013

New Article up at MSDynamicsWorld

Check this link out for my latest article (yes, it's been awhile) over at MSDynamicsWorld.  It covers my 13 Favorite New Features in GP 2013.  It's scary how long it took to get these features into GP.


October 30, 2013

Dynamics GP Single Sign-on (Almost)

As we know, GP uses multiple levels of security to protect the privacy of your financial data.  One of these levels is at the SQL database, which prevents a true single sign-on capability with Windows Active Directory.  However, we can simulate a near-single sign on experience by doing the following:

In the User Setup window, check the 'Enforce Password Policy' option.

Checking this box activates the 'Remember User and Password' checkbox on the initial GP sign in window as seen below.  Have the user check this box.

Finally, in the Company Login window, instruct the user to check the 'Remember this company' checkbox.

Now, when the user logins to GP, it will take them directly into the last company they were logged into.  If they need to login to a different company, they can click on the company name in the lower left corner of the UI and select a different company in the Company Login window.

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