June 24, 2009

Reports Shared Directory Issue

Lately I’ve been spending way too much time with Dave Musgrave’s friend – Report Writer. But, I’m learning a few things along the way. Here’s one trick I learned the other day when trying to import a package into RW.

The client has a shared Reports.dic file that each local machine points to. Even though all users were out of the system, I kept getting the 'Can't open customizations dictionary' error when trying to import the package file. I tried a number of things to resolve this issue but in the end came to the conclusion that there must be a lock in a table somewhere that indicated there were still users in the system. I also suspected this might have something to do with the shared Reports directory.

So, I changed the path in the Dynamics.set file from the shared directory to a local directory and copied the Reports.dic file into the local directory. I ran the package import and it imported with no issues. I then made the mods to the report, copied the local Reports.dic file back to the shared directory, reset the Dynamics.set file to point to the shared directory and voila! Another issue bites the dust . . .