June 9, 2014

Dude, where's my 'Go To' button?

Okay, so I'm playing around with GP 2013 R2, getting familiar with some of the cool new features in it.  I like to be on the leading edge of things.  I leave the bleeding-edge stuff to Polino.

I created a new SmartList in SmartList Builder and wanted to add a 'Go To' to my new SmartList but could not find the Go To button anywhere.  I looked high and low to see if it had been hidden under one of the other button menus.  I checked the SmartList Builder Help file and it said the button should be there in the ribbon with all the other buttons.  But yet, no Go To button.

So, after querying my smarter-than-me colleagues at IBIS, Inc, Ms. Kelsey Andrich pointed me in the right direction.  There's a new option in the User Preferences window called 'Window Command Display'.  Sounds very commanding.  The default setting is 'Action Pane' which gives you the big pretty buttons on the ribbon.  Problem is, only the 3rd option in the drop down list - Menu Bar - allows the Go To button in SmartList Builder to display.  Not such a big deal, but kind of obscure and confusing.

 I changed my Window Command Bar setting to Menu Bar and voila!

Thanks, Kelsey, for this eye-opening tip!

Caveat:  this is a global setting and will affect the ribbon appearance of every GP window.