May 30, 2012

Dynamic Future - Vote - Debits before Credits in SmartList!

Mark must stay up late at night remembering all these little annoyances that we all experience.  Here's this week's installment.  Vote early and vote often!

* click image to vote

May 1, 2012

Vote for your favorite GP enhancements

Over at, fellow MVP Mark Polino has hit on a great idea - again!  Every Tuesday, he's going to post a link and a short description of a GP enhancement request that appears on Microsoft Connect that he deems to be worthy.

For those of you not familiar with Connect, this is a Microsoft site that allows users to make suggestions for improvements to the software.  Users vote for the improvements they'd like to see incorporated in future releases.  The more votes a suggestion gets, the more attention it gets from GP developers.  So, here's the link to this week's installment -

This is your opportunity to influence the design of the product so vote early and vote often!!