March 31, 2011

Poll results

Just wanted to post this note that something occurred overnight that affected the poll results.  Somehow the results were cleared.  The poll results prior to this error were:

       30-40%  4 votes
       70-80%  1 vote

I'll summarize the correct poll results when the poll ends in 12 days.

March 29, 2011

How much of your ERP system do you actually use?

This may be a very subjective question as it can be a difficult metric to quantify but when you think of your current ERP system, whether it's GP or some other application, how much of the system actually gets used on a regular basis?  Is it 30%?  50%?  70%?  

In my experience, and this is just anecdotal, I'll bet it's not more than 30-40% in most cases.  That means there could be another 60-70% of the application to leverage to do what you do more efficiently.  

Over the past year or so, the focus at GP2themax has been to illuminate some of the functionality in GP that you may or may not have been aware of and provide some tips on how to use that functionality more effectively.  However, at this point, I'd like us to take things to the next level and look globally at what other modules you own but may not be using at all.  In some cases, these may not be full modules such as Project Accounting or Manufacturing but may be more like Field Level Security, EFT for Payables, National Accounts, etc., etc.

To kick this initiative off, over the next couple of weeks we're going to conduct a poll to determine just how much of your system you think your company actually uses and, perhaps, spark your thinking as to what module or functionality your company could benefit from by utilizing.

The poll is at the top right side of the blog.

It will be very interesting to see the results so get your friends and associates to vote too.  Thank you.