April 23, 2011

How to do I recover the Administrator password in FRx?

The answer to this question is - you don't.  If you lose the password and can't remember it, you're stuck.  A call to Microsoft is required to help.  However, there is a work-around.  If you have the FW company setup in FRx, login to the FW company as Administrator.  The Admin password in the FW company is blank (unless you change it).  Once in as Admin, you can make changes in your production companies also, not just the FW company.


Francisco G. Hillyer said...

I had a customer recently with this issue, and for all things we had to do, we ended up calling MS for "The password of the day" to the FRx team.

unfortunately this company was so security obsessed so they changed all default passwords too bad they only relied on 1 person to know it and was not available, after more than a year this was setup.

Great one Frank!!

Frank Hamelly said...

Thanks Francisco - it was pretty much the same situation with my client. My brain finally clicked into gear and I tried going thru the FW company to gain access to Admin functions. Lo and behold, it worked!

Perry Smith said...

Thanks Frank!

I have would save my FRx Password of the day along with the date in a note. Then would changed the system date to the day. Avoiding a call to Microsoft.

I like this solution better.

Perry Smith

Daniel said...

Can you be more specific on where to go in FRx once logged in as Administrator to the FW Company? In my FW Company, the Users area of Admin is greyed out.

Frank Hamelly said...

Daniel, are you logged in as 'sa' in FRx? You need to log in as an FRx administrator to access the Admin menus.

Unknown said...

Hello Frank,

We have encountered a situation where the FRx Administrator password was lost and the FW Admin password is not blank. In addition, while attempting to export the reports from the spec set we get an error message letting us know that we need to compact the database we cannot get into. Do you think we have any recourse in this situation? Please advise. Thank you!

Frank Hamelly said...

George, the quickest way to resolve this is to contact your GP Partner or Microsoft directly and request a 'Password for the Day'. This will allow you to access all menus in FRx. Then you can reset your admin password.


Unknown said...

Hi Frank,

We disabled the FRx Security by clearing the check box in Organization > FRx Security Window. However, after we did that, we are now prompted for Administrator password for most of Admin menu including "Organization" window which were never prompted before when security was enabled.

Now, I tried with your work around thru FW company to get into Organization window and disable the Administrator password. However, when logging to FRx, FW doesnt ask for any password and gets loaded without any credentials.

Request your valuable advice.

Frank Hamelly said...

Pragnesh, did you try accessing the admin menu items in FW? You should be able to and reset the admin password.

Unknown said...

Yes, I tried accessing admin menu items in FW but it is still the same prompting for Administrator password like in other companies. I also logged out and logged in to FRx however it doesnt ask for any login when company last accessed is FW.so question is how should I login to FW as Administrator. Thanks!!

Appreciate your help!!

Unknown said...

Hey Frank, fortunately one of our very old password from someone worked.

Thank you so much for your kind help!!


Frank Hamelly said...

Great Pragnesh. Glad you got in. One other option you have in this situation is reaching out to MSFT Support and getting a 'Password of the day' to get into FRx.