July 20, 2013

GP 2013 Cookbook

Just finished my first read of the GP 2013 Cookbook and have to say - well done Ian and Mark!  As usual, the content and quality of the material presented is just outstanding.  The writers have taken the original GP 2010 Cookbook, which is excellent in its own right, added GP 2013 new features to it, and offer an excellent resource of tips and tricks that every GP user should have on their bookshelf or in their e-reader.

*click image to enlarge

Regardless what GP version you're using, this book should be required reading.  It offers golden nuggets that apply GP 2010/2013, and many versions previous.

Great job Mssrs. Grieve and Polino.

Get your copy at PACKT or at Amazon.

July 9, 2013

MVP for Another Year

I was notified earlier this month that I have been awarded the MVP designation for a 6th year in a row.  I am humbled to hold a spot amongst some very esteemed MVPs who have been re-awarded this month including Mariano Gomez and Jivtesh Singh.  Congratulations fellow MVPs!