September 3, 2009

Changing Currency Decimals on Inventory Items

Sometimes we need to change the Currency Decimals on an existing Inventory Item. This cannot be accomplished through the Item Maintenance Card – it must be done via Tools>Utilities>Inventory>Change Decimal Places. This is an easy change to accomplish but be aware that if there are any items on unposted transactions, decimal places on those items will not be changed. Also be aware that this will not change decimal places on historical posted transactions. It will only affect new transactions.

Open the Change Decimal Places window -


Enter an the Item or Range of Items to be changed by Item Number, Description, Generic Description, or Class ID. Click the ‘Process Button’. When processing is finished, an edit list will print showing the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ decimal settings for the item(s) changed.

Note: decreasing the Currency Decimals for Items on Price List(s) will round the amounts in the Price List(s).


Sadi said...

Whem we run this utility we get a message that item exist on PO whereas the item do not.. what is the solution to that?

Frank Hamelly, MCP-GP, MCT, MVP said...


Run Checklinks on your PO and Inventory transaction tables. Sometimes a stray record will cause this error.

Sadi said...

:) this great GP my client is sick and tired of this checklists whenever they face this type of problem i say them to run checklinks and they doubt my capabilities :)
Anyways thanks alot
Muhammad Saad