September 3, 2009

An Overhaul of gp2themax

I've decided to start posting a Daily Tip for GP users because I've noticed that a lot of the blogs are technically oriented toward we consulting folks and advanced users.  Even the forums seem to be more technically oriented than when I first started reading them.  So, I want to appeal to those users who occasionally just need a little help with the basics.

I posted the first Tip today on 'Changing Currency Decimals on Inventory Items'. I'd like your help coming up with a name for this daily tip. I'd love to call it the Daily Dynamic but our friend Mr. Polino has his 'Weekly Dynamic' so I don't want to plagiarize him. Any ideas? The winner will receive a free one-year subscription to my blog - LOL.

Oh, and let your colleagues and clients know to tune in to gp2themax to pick up their daily tip.


1 comment:

Christina Belding said...

What about "Dynamics Du Jour"? (Can't you just picture it...'did you see the DDJ today'?).

Sure, it's a little on the 'Frenchie' side, but chez chic!

Love your site mon amie!