September 9, 2009

gptip42day - The Ubiquitous Note Field, Part 2

Today, we look at how to attach documents in our Note window.  Open a Note window -

Click on the paper clip to open the OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) container -

Click on Edit to insert an object -

Select ' Insert New Object' -

Note that in this window, you have a number of options.  You can Create New.  When you select this option, a drop-down box opens to allow you to select from a dozen or so types of objects, such as a Word document, Excel document, Excel Chart, etc.

You can also Create from File.  This is probably what you'll use most as you can just browse to find the document you want to insert.

Once you've selected the file to insert, you can either have the file show as a link in the OLE container or have the actual document contents show there.  If you choose 'Link', you can also have the link appear as an icon, like the Acrobat Reader icon in the example above and you can change the icon to any of a number of pre-defined icons by clicking on 'Change Icon'.

Once you've made your selections in this window, click OK, then in the Note window, click 'Attach'.  Your document is now attached in the Note field.  Anyone who has access to the window in which the note is attached, and has the correct viewer (such as Adobe in this case) on their workstation, can view the note and the attached document.

I'll reiterate that Notes and attached documents are not secure - anyone who can view them can modify or delete them so make sure all users in your system understand this.

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