September 17, 2009

gptip42day - SmartList Window Size - GP9 and Prior Versions

One characteristic of SmartList that can be frustrating is the way the SmartList window shrinks when you drill into another window from a SmartList record.  When you close the sub-window, the SmartList window remains at its reduced size and you have to click the "Maximize' button to maximize the window size again. 

Then, with the next record you drill into, it happens again.  Grrrrr, right?  Well, here's a way around it.  The real culprit behind this is the default window size setting.  Why the default setting isn't 'Large Window' out-of-the-box is beyond me, but what do I know?

When you have your SmartList open, go Extras>SmartList>Options -

In the 'Initial SmartList Size' field, select 'Large Window' then click 'OK'.  The next time you open SmartList, it will open in a large window. You won't have to maximize it to see more of the records and it won't shrink when you drill into the records.

While you're in the Options window, check out some of the other default options you can set.  You can customize your SmartLists even more than you might have known!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and in version 10.0 of GP, they have taken this checkbox OFF of the screen so you have to make the default change through MODIFIER. As you say, Grrr...