September 25, 2009

gptip42day - Why does my Next Check Number skip a beat?

This can be a vexing issue with no apparent cause.  It also can lead to questioning the integrity of GP.  Here are some primary reasons why GP can appear to be skipping a check number (or PO, or SO, etc. - any document number that automatically increments).

The value in the Next Check Number field increments by one each time a check is written in any of the following windows:

- Bank Transaction Entry window
- Print Payables Transaction Check window
- Payables Manual Payment Entry window
- Print Payables Checks window
- Payroll Manual Check - Adjustment Entry window
- Print Payroll Checks window

The Next Check Number can also skip if you have multiple users entering checks in any of the above-mentioned windows. If several users simultaneously access the Next Check Number, then later decide not to continue entering the check, it is possible that check numbers could skip.

If you do need to change the Next Check Number,


* click image to enlarge

and change the value in the Next Check Number field to the desired value.

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