February 9, 2010

GPtip42day - Why does one Item show different costs on the same receipt?

Occasionally, or maybe more often, you process a receiving transaction for a multiple of an Item at an Extended Cost that isn't evenly divisible by the quantity.  Take a look at the screenshot below, for example.

* click image to enlarge

This is a snapshot of a modified Purchase Receipts report.  Note that for RCT1607, there are two receipt lines, the first with a quantity of 4 @ $6,314.60 and the second a quantity of 1 @ $6,314.59.  Why is this?  Because the receipt was entered for a total quantity of 5 and an Extended Cost of $31,572.99.  GP can't divide the cost evenly across 5 pieces because the Item's Currency Decimal setting is 2 decimals.  Therefore, it posts the receipt in two lines as seen above.

This same scenario can occur in a multicurrency environment when the Originating and Functional Currency rates result in an exchange difference than can't be apportioned evenly across the quantity received.

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