May 2, 2013

Book Review - Building Dashboards with GP 2013 and Excel 2013

Well, our friend Mark Polino has hit another one out of the ball park with his latest release - Building Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Excel 2013, affectionately known as BDaMDGP13aE13 :)

Yes the book's title is a mouthful but my, oh my, the content of the book is a library full.  If there's anything you want or need to know about leveraging the BI capabilities that GP 2013 and Excel 2013 bring to the table, you need this book.
From creating refreshable Excel reports to drilling back to source data in GP to utilizing PowerPivot, this book has it all.
I've just completed my first read of this awesome reference and am applying my new-found knowledge already. 
I highly recommend Mark's new book to anyone who has a desire to create and publish extremely powerful, interactive BI tools for GP 2013.
Way to go Mark and thanks for sharing your expertise!

You can purchase the book directly from Packt or on Amazon.


Thurman Vanderhoofc said...

Thanks for posting this.This is awesome!!

mariah carey said...

I keen interest to get dynamic dashboard .these are awesome example.Any way NIce Article

Bruce Elvin said...

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Bruce Elvin said...

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