October 28, 2011

Professional Services Tools Library

Did you know that PSTL is now a standard part of Dynamics GP 2010?  This previously optional set of tools from Microsoft now comes as part of the GP 2010 installation media.  While many of the tools still carry a cost, there are 14 tools that come FREE, meaning you don't have to have the PSTL registration keys to activate them.  See the checked items below - these are the freebies:

*click image to enlarge

Many of these tools were available free before but you had to install them individually as .cnk files.  Now they're all available in one spot.  For a detailed description of what each of these tools do, refer to the PSTL .pdf document that comes with the installation of PSTL.


Sheilajross said...

Frank -
Do you know about the registration keys for this product. In the past you had to contact the Professional Services team for these keys. Will they have a new version available for download that does not require the keys?

Frank Hamelly said...

Hi Sheila, according to MSFT, you don't need keys. Just install PSTL and you should be good to go.