March 26, 2010

GPTip42day - SA vs. DYNSA

What are the primary differences between SA and DYNSA users in GP? 

1.  SA is the SQL database system administrator and has full  access to all databases on the SQL Server, including non-GP databases.  DYNSA is the GP database administrator and has access to all GP databases only.

2.  SA and DYNSA are both granted Power User roles automatically in GP Security. 

3.  SA is required for certain tasks such as initial system installation, payroll updates, and to administer some 3rd party applications.  Generally speaking though, DYNSA can perform most of the security and maintenance tasks in GP that SA can.

4.  From a SQL database security perspective, DYNSA should be used by your GP administrator for day-to-day administrative duties.  SA use should be reserved for SQL administrators where possible to reduce the possibility of tampering in non-GP databases.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

DYNSA requires SQL role sysadmin to be able to add users. This gives DYNSA full control over the server the same as default SA. If I am wrong in this I would welcome correction.