January 20, 2010

gptip42day - Resetting the GP system password

Note, this tip is for GP Administrators only.  Attempts by non-administrators to change the system password could compromise data security!

Occasionally, the GP system password is forgotten or lost.  This password is required to make changes at the system level, such as adding a new user, changing user security, etc.  Here's how to recover when this happens.

1.  In SQL Management Studio, run this script to remove the existing password -

           UPDATE DYNAMICS.SY02400
           SET PASSWORD = 0x0202020202020202020202020202020
2.  In GP, reset the system password.
Tools>Setup>System Password

* click image to enlarge

Now, store the password in a safe, accessible place!!


Vaidy Mohan said...

Hi Frank,

This may pose a threat to System Security as those who have access to SQL would reset this and may take advantage of it.

I think it's better we do not share this specific information.

Or at least it's better we add a NOTE stating that this is strictly for Administrators.


Frank Hamelly, MCP-GP, MCT, MVP said...

Great point Vaidy but presumably, only administrators would have access to SQL, right?

Vaidy Mohan said...

Yup, very true Frank. But we never know, how it could be misused.

Probably I am bit more concerned about Security !?!?! :-)


Frank Hamelly, MCP-GP, MCT, MVP said...

Hmmm, and probably I'm not concerned enough Vaidy! Thank yoiu for your valuable input.

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Kevin said...

Thanks Frank. This worked great!