January 6, 2010

'The Closer'

Now's the time of year when many of us are reconciling our GL accounts to get ready for external auditors and closing the year.  I personally spend a lot of time with my clients helping them reconcile Cash, AR, AP, and Inventory.  Until now, it's been a matter of hunt & peck and a whole bunch of analysis to find the reconciling items.

The Closer (http://www.reporting-central.com/) changes all that.  Microsoft has taken a stab at providing a reconciliation tool (Reconcile to GL) that helps.  The Closer goes beyond that by providing a tool that not only tells you which transactions are responsible for the differences, it also recommends the fixes.  I've used it and it's easy to install and even easier to setup and use.

If you spend too much time beating your head against the wall trying to reconcile your accounts, I highly recommend having a look at The Closer.  It will save you time and money.

** Full disclosure - my company is a reseller for Reporting Central

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