October 19, 2009

gptip42day - Restricting FRx Row Results to Specific Columns

Let's say you have a statistic, perhaps 'Employee Headcount' from a unit account that you want to appear on your FRx Profit and Loss Statement but you want the headcount to appear in only one column, not in all the columns on the report.  Here's how to set that up -

* click image to enlarge

Placing the column in which you want the headcount to appear in the 'G' Column of the report Row Format tells FRx that you want that data to appear only in that column.  If you want the data to appear in multiple columns, enter those columns separated by commas, i.e., C, G, J.

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nick name said...

Nice Tip! Is it possible to report the average headcount at quarterly and YTD intervals representing the elapsed time so far in that interval?