October 30, 2009

gptip42day - Purchase Order Receipt Tolerance

Do you wonder why GP allows you to over-receive against a PO?  So do the rest of us.  In my opinion, this is a shortcoming that is basic to exercising adequate control over the purchasing process. 

However, if you do need that functionality in your business, Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) Professional Services, does offer a customization (at a fairly nominal cost) they call 'PORECTOL', or PO Receipt Tolerance.  This easy-to-install customization provides the ability to set a tolerance for excess receipts against your POs.  You can choose a zero tolerance or some reasonable low tolerance which prevents receiving in excess of the tolerance you set.

For more information, contact MBS Professional Services through your GP Partner.


HFLo said...

Just wonder why this features is chargable rather a out-of-box function.

Leng said...

we can actually tell this to Microsoft... kinda feedback thingi...the kind you do when you submit a suggestion... the more partner votes for a feature, the more likely it will be added to the current feature of gp...