August 20, 2013

Dynamics GP Reports Pack

As a veteran GP consultant and an even longer-time GP user, I've always been disappointed in the standard reports that come out of the box with GP.  Although the packaged SSRS reports have helped somewhat, even those reports require some tweaking and supplementing to make them cover the broad range of reporting needs that a company has.
I think GP's standard financial reports are pretty solid, but when it comes to operations reporting, not so much.  I would like to conduct an informal survey of GP users to determine:
1. Do you agree with my opinion of GP Reporting?
2. If you could have all your reporting wishes granted by the GP Genie, what would that list include?

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think and thanks in advance for your valuable feedback!


Lyn Barr said...

I agree with your sentiment, but it's almost too broad a question to answer! Rather than listing specific reports I wish were included, I would say that my top wishes would be that there were easier ways to: export reports to Excel, make report modifications, and create/modify Word templates.

Kerry said...

I agree with Lyn. Having modified enough of these Report Writer reports over the years, I know it would be asking too much to ask Microsoft to work on them. I would much rather they figure out a way to make the standard GP reports easily exported into Excel. Should I rub the genie's bottle and make a wish?

Janakiram M.P. said...

The first one in that list would be a Project Work in Progress Report