February 3, 2012

GL Trial Balance in FRx

For those of us on GP2010, Reporting Services reports provides a nice GL Trial Balance that is easy to export to Excel.  For the rest of us, we still have to print the Report Writer version to a text file, open it in Excel, then start the cleanup and reformatting.  There is an easier way using FRx.  Victoria Yudin has a great article on doing just this here - http://victoriayudin.com/2009/07/17/dynamics-gp-trial-balance-in-excel-using-frx/

 *click image to enlarge

Now, to take this one more step, if you need more of the transaction detail in your FRx GLTB, look at the additional Column Types available, such as TDESC, TJDESC, TDOC, TBAT, etc.  You can build a really sweet GLTB using FRx that easily exports to Excel.  That will make you and your auditors happy.

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