July 13, 2011

Sharpen the Axe - Enhance your GP Knowledge

A few weeks back I ran a survey querying users as to what they thought were the primary reasons their organizations were not getting all the 'bang for the buck' out of their Dynamics GP system.  The responses indicated overwhelmingly (67%) that users believe that lack of post-implementation training is what limits their ability to extract more value from GP.  These findings support the anecdotal evidence I've observed over the years and I'm sure every GP consultant out there would concur - management typically does not fully appreciate the value of recurrent training of any sort, let alone that for their ERP system users.

Unfortunately, this places the onus on individual users to enhance their skills on their own.  Fortunately, their are myriad resources available to those users who have the desire and motivation to engage in some self-learning exercises.  To that end, the PowerPoint document below is an update to a presentation I gave at MSDynamicsWorld Decisions 2010 that is chock-full of learning resources for Dynamics GP.   I hope you find it beneficial.

Please pardon the formatting errors.  Not all formatting survives the upload to Google Docs :(

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