October 6, 2010

GPTip42day - New Features in GP2010

Over the next few days (weeks?) we're going to focus on some of the cool new features that GP2010 provides that weren't available in any previous versions of GP.  There's a document available from Microsoft that lists all the new features, but for those who don't like reading long documents, we'll present the interesting stuff here in bite-size pieces and instructions on how to do the setup, if necessary.

Viewing Reminders as Cues or Text

You can specify to view predefined reminders and customized reminders as text or as Cues in the Home Page. A Cue is an icon that increases or decreases in height to indicate the number of records in a particular reminder category.
*click image to enlarge

To change from Text to Cues, or vice versa, on the Home Page, above the Reminders box, there's a pencil icon.  Click the pencil to open the To Do Details window, then click on the blue arrow to the right of Reminders to open the Reminder Preferences window.

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Place check marks in the Display as Cues boxes as desired.

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