December 22, 2009

gptip42day - Internet Information Button

Have you ever noticed the little i button on various cards within GP and wondered what it's for?  This is called the 'Internet Info' button and is used to access the Internet Info window, where email addresses, websites, images, and other electronic information specific to the particular master record can be stored. 

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This button appears in the following windows -

-  Address card
-  Company Setup
-  Customer card
-  Employee card
-  Item card
-  Salesperson card
-  Vendor card

Clicking the Internet Info button opens the Internet Info window -

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Note the various fields available to record electronic information.  The 'Login' and 'Password' fields are for storing user credentials specific to a secure website or ftp site.  The labels for each of the fields in this window can be changed via the Internet User Defined Setup window in Company Setup.


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Users tend to use other fields in master record cards to record web and email addresses because they're not aware this window exists.  Don't you be one of those users!

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