November 6, 2009

gptip42day - The GP MVB

Which button would you vote to be the Most Valuable Button in the GP application? My vote would be for this one -

That's right - the ubiquitous Help button.  The amount of information available in the GP Help files is amazing.  This button takes you to context-sensitive Help, providing not only an overview of the window or transaction you're working in and how to process the relevant transaction,  it also provides a detailed description of the purpose of nearly every button and field on every window in the application. 

And if that's not enough, the Help button introduces you to the world of Printable Manuals - detailed manuals that provide step-by-step instruction on practically every action you can take in GP.  These manuals are presented in pdf format and can be easily printed for future reference or just a good late-night read.

I strongly encourage you to use this button frequently.  Make it your best friend and it, in turn, will make you a GP expert!


Vaidy Mohan said...

Hi Frank,

Certainly the most valuable button, indeed. Secondly I would vote for the "Lookup Buttons" and thirdly the "Note Buttons".

This in terms of most used Buttons as well.


Stanley Glass said...

Guessing this is your way of saying: RTFM.


Mohammad R. Daoud said...

I guess I agree with Mark!

"It's the little "X" in the right hand corner"