May 28, 2009

Account Rollups - not as tasty as Fruit Rollups but just as Satisfying!

An oft-overlooked feature in GP Financial Inquiry is the Account Rollup. If you have a need to monitor the total of a group of accounts - say multiple inventory accounts – that may or may not be in consecutive account number order, then this is the tool for you.

To create an account rollup inquiry option -

1. Open Account Rollup Inquiry window. (Inquiry>Financial>Account Rollup)

2. Choose Modify to open the Account Rollup Inquiry Options window.

3. Enter a name for the option you are creating.

4. Select the segment you want to use to sort the information. The selection you make here will control how the information is sorted in the Account Rollup Detail Inquiry Zoom window.

5. Select the number of columns of information you want to display.

6. For each column of information, enter the column heading you want to use, and the type of information you want to display. If you selected Budget or Other Currency for the type, enter or select the budget or currency you want to display. If you selected the type Calculated, choose the Selection lookup button to open the Account Rollup Inquiry Calculated Column window.

Note - A calculated column must follow the columns it is performing its operations on. For example, assume you set up an inquiry option with column 1 as Actual, column 2 as Budget, column 3 as Calculated, and column 4 as Previous Year. In this case, the calculated column could not include the previous year amounts in its calculations because it is listed after the calculated column.

7. Enter restrictions to define the segment ranges you want to create this inquiry option for. You can set up multiple ranges for a single segment.

8. Choose Save to save the account rollup inquiry option.

1 comment:

Solim@n said...

Big time saver with my month-end reconciliations as well as an alternative way to compare budget to actuals. Thanks!